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June 2010 Archives

BronxKnows_English.jpgBronxKnows_Spanish.jpgA friend offered me a last minute ticket recently to see the Yankees (his brother canceled) play the Orioles at the new Yankee Stadium (I had not been yet), so how could I say no?!

We took the subway up to the Bronx and walking through the underground labyrinth to the exit I noticed HIV testing posters in English and Spanish everywhere I looked.

They were from the "Bronx Knows" campaign, which has been successful so far in increasing HIV testing in the Bronx.

I hadn't seen them before, so that alone was enough to grab my attention. But what really grabbed me was the overwhelming sense of it as I walked up to the stadium.

Effective messaging is just as much about how the message reaches people as it is about what the message is. This is messaging that works.

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